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Are you an LGBTIQ women and 55+? Tell us what you think about health, social and/or aged care services!

As part of this research project, The Welcoming Social Wellness Project has a private online forum where gender and sexually diverse older women can share their perspectives on health, social and aged care services and support.

The forum is password protected and viewable to members only.

Forum participants can connect with other women anonymously and without having to share their identity to participate.

If it is the first time you are coming to chat you will be asked to create an account with a username – which can be anything you like – so you can log in privately to the forum.

We would like you to freely engage in conversation with other forum members and are specifically interested in your experiences with health, social and aged care providers in NSW, so you will be given the option to answer a few questions in that regard.

The data analysed as part of this project will allow health, social and aged care services to improve their ability to provide care and support to ageing LGBTIQ women.

CLICK HERE to join in the discussion in the private online forum

Having a technical issue joining the forum? Please contact us so we can help.